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We are a collaboration of local consultants & professionals with hands on application experience in Agricultural and Canna-business development ...


Agricultural Land Use Planning, Cannabis Permitting/Licensing, Compliance, Farm Labor Training & Contracting and many others. READ MORE

Farm Labor

At AgDynamix we are ready to help you with all of your employment challenges. Hiring, training, record keeping, payroll, compliance issues and more. READ MORE

Cannabis Permitting

We are experts in Cannabis permitting at all levels! READ MORE





Compliance & Management Services

Our staff of experienced professionals understand the industry and with over four years of experience in working in California's legal framework we understand every facet of managing a business in the industry and are here to help. From concept to completion, AgDynamix will audit your existing business documentation, permitting, and licensing to help you understand what needs to be done to either finalize or manage your business more effectively. Find out today how we can assist you. For a limited time only we will offer new clients a complimentary consultation of ONE HOUR! Please note that most initial appointments run up to 2 hours. Please be sure to provide AgDynamix with all of the documentation you have pertinent to your project for this assessment.

Please note that AgDynamix is by appointment only. Though our staff can assist with basic administrative tasks, compliance support must be pre-coordinated even if you are en engaged client. Also note that our in office hours are from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm and our phone hours are 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. 

AgDynamix employs a strict process for intaking new clientele and gathering and auditing documentation. It is important that all clients maintain engagement through the compliance process in order to ensure that they are working towards achieving full compliance. Our staff are here to assist you with troubleshooting issues related to your business from time to time that may arise as well as assist with filing and reporting services subject to hourly billing. If you feel you would benefit from any of our administrative support services or would be interest in yearly administrative support packages please let us know.

CONTACT US to get help with:
  • Local Permitting
  • Local Licensing
  • State Licensing
  • License Retention
  • Business Compliance
AgDynamix I 732 5th St. Suite H, Eureka, CA, 95501 I (707) 798-6199 I admin@agdynamix.com (link sends e-mail)


  • Administrative Support Services (Filings, Document Preparation, and Reporting)
  • Land Use Assessments
  • Planning, Design, & Strategy
  • Permit Application Assistance
  • Licensing Application Compliance
  • Licensing Application Estimate and Support (CalCan Licensing©)
  • Whole Project Development
  • Workplace Compliance Inspections (Procurement)
  • Subcontracted Professional Services (Civil Engineering Services, Environmental Engineering, Archaeological)
  • Farm Labor Contracting Licensed & insured (FLC LIC#00242053) (Payroll, Labor, & Human Resources) COMING SOON!

Farm Labor Contracting (FLC LIC#00242053) COMING SOON!

  • Safety Training & Certification for Agricultural Supervisors & Managers
  • Payroll/Record-Keeping Services
  • Third Party Workplace Site Inspections
  • Workplace Compliance Assistance
  • Heat Illness Prevention Plan
  • Injury Illness & Protection Plan
  • Machinery Operations & Safety Procedures
  • Lock Out/Tag Out Protocols
  • Pesticide Application Protocols
  • Chemical Safety & Spill Plans
  • Standards Operating Procedures
  • Operations Manuals
  • CalOSHA/OSHA Safety & Compliance
  • Reporting & Recording Requirements










Opportunities with a Growing Company

AgDynamix is Humboldt County's only compliance and management firm that specializes in Agricultural Planning and Management.

We are seeking a pool of candidates to fill multiple types of positions.

Sales/Marketing and Outreach
Account/Project Manager
Document Preparation/Filing
Technical Writing Assistance
Environmental Filing Technicians
Plot Plan Drafting (Using AI, or other programs)

If you feel you have skills to fulfill one or more of these areas, we want to hear from you. Some of these positions are subcontracted positions and are subject to hourly billing to client accounts.

Please bring in physical copy of resume with references and cover letter. Resume's without references and cover letters or in any other form will not be accepted for review. We expect you to do your research and learn about the Company before applying.


A.A/A.S in Administration/Management/Sales
B.A/B.S in Technical Applications/Environmental Studies

Professional Appearance and Demeanor
Team Oriented
Self-Driven and Able to Problem Solve
Self-Confident and Friendly
Long Term Goal Driven
Willing to Learn and Follow Directions
Proficient in Microsoft Programs, QBO or QBE, Zoho, Sales Force or other similar programs.

Field/Farm/Processing Labor Apply Here