Strategic Partners

We are actively accepting a variety of different ideas & projects with specific needs.  If you are interested in developing a strategic partnership with AGD, please contact us with information pertaining to your business service or products.  Bear in mind, AGD is primarily seeking partnerships with banking institutions, services professionals, suppliers, wholesalers, testing facilities, and networking relationnships between ancillary businesses.  

What a Strategic Partnership means to AGD...
  • Exchange of technical services and skills to better service clients in their efficient business development, implementation & management needs.
  • Exchange of products, technology and developments to enhance overall performance and sustainable methodology for our clients.
  • Co-Development of Cutting Edge Innovative in the Agricultural Industry
  • Outreach and Sustainable Business Events
  • Honorable Mention of such Partners on promotional materials
  • Collaborative Industry Development & Growth
Our Partners:

D&B Registered